Monday, October 27, 2014

Thanks! How about you?

It's been a great week! Over $2,000 has come in over the past 7 days to chip away at the $17,000 goal. Thank you to everyone who has stepped forward to make this campaign a success. But, we still have quite a hill to climb. 

This campaign is "all or nothing". That means, if November 21st rolls around and it has not collected the final $15,000 needed, the money will not be given to Wayne State University Press to make the book as great as it can be. You will not be charged. You will not receive your premiums.

I'm asking those who have to motivate others to do the same.

I'm asking those who haven't, yet, to do so, now, before it gets away from you.

This campaign is offering many cool items, events, and a great charity write-off for your 2014 taxes. So, how can you not love that?

Any questions? LET ME KNOW!




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